Amazing Tea Trimmer! 很厲害的剪枝機!

The blade works like scissors! It’s amazing! It’s the best season to trim the tea while the bushes are slowly growing in the cool weather. The idea is to remove the old small branches and preserve more nutrition to grow new branches. It would be helpful to pick more sprouts in around  50-60 days.

剪茶機太酷了!刀片作動像剪刀一樣. 趁天氣冷, 茶葉生長速度最緩慢的時候, 是最佳的剪茶時機, 以迎接春天的到來. 把舊的枝條修去, 讓營養重新回到主幹, 重新冒出新芽. 大約50-60天後, 就是可以採收的時候了!



Alvin Lin