Biodynamic Plantation 生物動力農法

Eco system-2

Eco system-1

After stopping using pesticide, the natural eco system is developed gradually. Bugs/worms eat most of our tea sprouts (oh no!!). The spiders come after to hunt the bugs and worms. While we learn how to show our respect to the nature and stop planting by mass production way, the variety of the bio species are settling down in the tea garden. The magic power of the nature is so amazing. Although the production volume is extremely low after contributing to these creatures, we are treating the lives here right and responsible for the protection of our planet.

停用農藥之後, 自然生態的機制慢慢的建立起來. 蟲來了, 吃光了茶葉. 也因為蟲來了, 蜘蛛也一一來報到, 準備大口吃蟲. 當我們學會尊重大自然, 停止工業化的耕作方式, 漸漸生態就會變得多樣, 自然也就慢慢的恢復. 雖然剩下能夠採收的茶芽少得可憐, 但感受到大自然平衡的力量, 與回歸自然的景象, 還是很令人感動!



Alvin Lin