Braveness matters in transition to organic plantation. 難怪, 轉型有機需要勇氣!

Production loss

Our tea production loss is up to 50% in October, comparing to the average volume. This season, 70% loss is expected. Without any pesticide, insects propagate faster than our imagination. Insects are highly interested in delicious sprouts. They pinch into the leaves to get the tasty juice. The leaves/sprouts become crispy and dark brown. The branch of the bush, therefore, stop growing.

Patience is required to wait for the balance of the nature. More and more spiders in the garden are hunting their preys. Some insects might be wiped out by them someday. Meanwhile, our tea bushes will be stronger and stronger to against the attack by appropriate fertilising strategy. One day, we will make it!

Farmer suffers a lot seeing the dramatic loss of the production. No wonder people says the organic planation needs the braveness to join.

轉型為類有機耕作後, 與過去平均採收量相比, 十月份短收了五成. 這一季恐怕要損失七成. 停止使用任何農藥後, 蟲兒擴散的比想像中快得多. 他們對茶葉的嫩芽相當有興趣. 利用他們的口器插入葉片中, 吸取美味的茶葉汁液, 導致葉片轉變為深褐色且又乾又脆. 茶樹的枝幹也因此停止了生長.

耐心絕對是生態平衡的必要條件. 越來越多的蜘蛛在茶園裡建網捕捉獵物. 部分種類蟲兒可能因此被蜘蛛清除. 此外, 運用合宜的施肥策略, 讓茶樹更健康強壯, 抵抗各種外侮的攻擊, 無農藥的生態平衡, 指日可待. 有一天, 我們會成功的!

農友們面對這麼大的產量減損, 必然很煎熬!難怪有機, 需要勇氣!


Alvin Lin