Cultivation 中耕翻土

Soil Cultivator

Soil plowing once a year is required to keep the tea bushes healthy. The soil is loosen by a cultivator. The fertilisers on the ground can be mixed with soil and push down to the deeper soil. In order to reach the nutrition source, roots will go down to find the food themselves. It helps the plants healthier and stronger. Otherwise, if the fertilisers are only applied on the ground, the roots definitely will choose the easiest way to find the resource at the surface of the soil. The quality of the tea and bush health will be impacted.

Cultivation is advised to implement on the soil between plants. To prevent the damage of the roots, the soil should be plowed on odd rows and do the other even rows next year. Associated with the appropriate fertilisers (carbon nitrogen ratio), the soil will be aggregated to help the nutrition digesting, water draining and the environment for micro-organisms.

為了讓茶樹更加健康, 一年至少一次的中耕是必須的. 中耕是利用機器將土壤攪拌翻鬆, 讓表土上的肥料與腐植可以充分的與底土混合, 把表面的無機質養分翻攪到下面, 植物  才會更有誘因向下扎根, 根系發展才可以更加健全. 為了避免土壤翻攪時傷到茶樹的根部, 最好隔行翻土 (一年奇數行, 隔年偶數行), 避免茶樹根部兩側均受傷.

另外, 搭配適當的碳氮比堆肥資材, 可以幫助土壤團粒化, 並且建立多樣的微生物群, 使土壤排水性提高, 也因為微生物能夠分解資材, 轉變為小分子養分, 以利植物所需的微量元素.

Alvin Lin