First Wave of Environmental Friendly Package Materials Arrived! 第一批環保包材到了!

First Packaging Materials

First wave of packaging materials are arrived! So excited. The idea for the package is using the minimum QTY materials to keep tea leaves fresh and secured in shipping. Again, we only have one planet. No excessive materials are used. We deliver the freshness and quality of the tea products sealing from farm to our customers without wasting unnecessary resource.

第一批的包裝材料到了!我們的包裝訴求是用最少的材料, 確保茶葉的新鮮與運送的安全. 我們只有一個地球!不使用額外不必要的包材. 我們要給消費者最新鮮, 最有品質的健康茶葉產品, 把產地最純正的味道, 以最環保的包裝, 分享給所有支持我們的消費者!


Alvin Lin