Get dirty and learn. 要努力耕耘, 才會有學習成長.

Get dirty and learn


There are lots of know-how to use your power wisely in the field. Appropriate techniques make your life easier. You will never learn if you just stay aside. Similar to any other skills, the real involvement and hard working make you grow and inspired. Stay hungry and learn!

田裡粗重的工作需要很多經驗跟技巧. 適當的借力引力可以讓你省下不少時間與體能. 如果只是站在一邊觀望, 是不可能學習成長的. 就像其他領域的技能一樣, 只有真正的參與跟努力嘗試, 你才有機會成長, 看到不同的世界.

Alvin Lin