Health of tea is the best resistance to worm and disease. 抵擋病蟲害最重要的是茶樹的抗病性, 非農藥!

Bite-1 Bite-2

Farmers are panic if countless worm bites on the tea leaves are showing in their gardens. According to the diagnosis from Albert, an experienced agriculture consultant, the key to fight with sickness and worms is to make tea bushes stronger. The wounded leaves may introduce the disease to stop the transportation of water and nutrition.

看到滿片被蟲兒攻擊的葉片, 農友看了很難不會心慌. 經由農業專家陳興宗大哥專業的診斷與分析, 當務之急還是要想辦法讓茶樹更加強壯!現在的慘狀, 是由於被蟲兒洗禮過的茶樹, 在葉子多了很多傷口, 不僅可能讓茶樹停止生長, 亦容易引進真菌, 導致枝幹內部分的維管束遭到堵塞, 營養及水分無法順利輸送上去,

Sickness-1 Sickness-2 Sickness-3

The pictures above can be clearly observed the stem color difference between normal and sick ones. The leaves/stems are falling after the disease blocks the transportation of water and nutrition.

Albert proposes to expel the worms by the spray made of the natural ingredients, like the dilute narrow range oil and sulfur solution to buy more time for tea bushes to grow stronger. While the resistance to disease of tea bushes increases, the human interference should be reduced to reach the eco balance of the nature. Meanwhile, the health and nutrition of the roots are critical to ensure the energy can be supplied to all the sprouts and leaves.

以上幾張圖可以看到枝幹上的色澤已經偏離正常顏色, 就像膽固醇過高一般, 生病的部分失去傳遞水分養分的功能, 只能靠剩下的區域能夠正常輸送, 直到病菌展開, 再也無法提供營養給枝枒時, 細嫩的枝枒就乾枯而掉落.

陳大哥建議, 先以天然的驅蟲方式, 將稀釋之窄域油與極少量硫磺粉噴灑於茶樹上與周圍環境, 附加外掛費洛蒙吸引公性的斜紋夜盜, 暫時抑制害蟲的族群數量, 待茶樹強壯之後, 再逐次減少人為干預, 達到自然平衡. 在驅蟲的同時, 也要同時確保根系的營養與健康, 讓茶樹可以更強壯的立足於陽光下!



Alvin Lin