Tea Picking in Oct., 2015

Nice weather to pick the fresh leaves! The smell during withering and fermentation is really attractive! We are proud of the healthy tea without any chemicals and pesticide. Even though we lost 50% volume comparing to the past with conventional planting way, we know this is the right way to insist, for health, for people and for our earth!

很棒的採茶日!陽光充裕, 溫度適中. 萎凋跟發酵過程中的天然茶香真的迷人到沒朋友!我們很驕傲茶葉耕作完全做到零農藥與零化肥. 與慣性農法相比, 產量雖然因此減少一半, 但為了健康,為了這片土地, 為了我們的地球, 這堅持, 絕對是對的!

Alvin Lin