Why tea is a religion but coffee isn’t?

Most books about tea are about the origins, the history, the customs and the venerated high priests from China who had made profound philosophical discourses about drinking tea, but precious little about how to make tea in a cohesive scientific way. They are a form of ancestor worship. It is interesting to note that the tea industry looks to the past for its future while the coffee industry has changed a great deal in the last hundred years. The tea industry creates shops which are redolent of the past with fancy tins containing hundreds of different teas while modern shop coffee shops brew coffee from espresso machines demonstrating high-tech and modern design featuring new brews.

很有趣的觀點. 為什麼茶就像一種宗教信仰,而咖啡不是?自古以來,中國與日本總是把茶跟哲學,歷史,宗教,藝術結合在一起. 茶帶給人古老的印象. 反之咖啡在過去百年來與科技結合,也開發各式各樣的咖啡機. 也許這是為什麼茶跟咖啡在現代的角度看起來,發展方向依舊大相逕庭.


Why tea is a religion and coffee isn’t Ian Bersten illustrates the backstory of tea and coffee, and why one acquired cult status and the other didn’t.


Alvin Lin